Why Leading a Purposeful Life is Good for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Posted on August 15, 2022

Purpose is about combining your natural talents with your passion. It is your life’s message or whatever gives you meaning.

Often, we think that our purpose has to be this grand idea that our whole life revolves around. However, this is not true. Instead, it is about finding meaning in the things we do every day.

At The Pavilion Senior Living, our Tennessee and West Virginia communities focus on providing endless opportunities for residents to lead purposeful lifestyles. We see firsthand how finding meaning in everyday activities can impact a person’s quality of life, so our team is sharing why it is important to lead a purposeful life.

Promote Happiness

According to Psychology Today, a 2019 survey found that “a sense of purpose promoted happiness and well-being among adults [aged] 50-90.” Although “happiness” is an abstract idea, for this survey, happiness included positive feelings and emotions ranging from pleasure and life satisfaction to a sense of contribution to a larger purpose.

Of course, the link between happiness and purpose makes sense. For example, it is common to hear people talk about a “reason to get out of bed in the morning,” and this usually refers to a purpose and what brings them joy.

Encourage Healthy Habits

A purposeful life could mean a healthy life. Psychology Today also reported that individuals “with high rankings on [purpose in life] were more likely to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, watch less TV, participate in the arts, and avoid sedentary behaviors.”

“There’s some evidence from lab studies and studies that track people over time that suggests that people with a higher sense of purpose in life are less perturbed by various stressors and also recover more quickly when they are more stressed out (health.harvard.edu).”

When we feel like we have a purpose in life, we are more likely to take care of ourselves – mind, body, and spirit.

Form & Maintain Stronger Personal Relationships

As we age, it is common to experience feelings of loneliness. Fortunately, living life with purpose can help you form and maintain stronger personal relationships. 

For example, if you find purpose and meaning in volunteering, you will likely meet like-minded individuals who share your values of giving back to the community. The time you spend volunteering, you are not only participating in something that gives you purpose, but you are also socializing and engaging with others doing the same.

Socialization is vital to our overall health and wellness. Throughout our senior living communities in Tennessee, we offer endless activities, events, and other opportunities for our residents to connect and live purposefully.

Improve Overall Health & Wellness

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that “having a strong sense of purpose in life leads to improvements in both physical and mental health and enhances overall quality of life.”

Individuals who have a strong sense of purpose have been found to have:

  • Lower risks of developing chronic diseases
  • Better heart health
  • Less chronic pain
  • Increased longevity
  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression
  • Improved sleeping habits
  • And reduced risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia

It’s okay if you do not know your life’s purpose. So many people get caught up in trying to find a grand meaning for their life, but that is not what purposeful living is all about. You do not have to find your purpose; you can create it and instead find happiness as a result.

To set this process in motion, try out different types of activities and hobbies that interest you and take note of what brings you joy. Your purpose is all about combining your natural talents with your passion, so as long as you enjoy what you do, you are on the right track.

Another approach to creating your purposeful life is by touring one of our senior living communities in Tennessee. Let a member of our team show you the many ways in which you could lead a fulfilling, purposeful life at The Pavilion Senior Living. 

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