Spring Break Activities for Seniors

Posted on May 1, 2018

Here at The Pavilion Senior Living, we know it can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to get the senior in your life out and about during the winter season. However, when the snow starts to melt and the flower buds start to bloom, it can be the ideal time to help your loved one get some fresh air. We have compiled a list of senior-friendly activities for you and your loved one to do this spring.

Local Parks or Nature Trails

The most important thing about the weather warming up is to take advantage of the sunshine. According to the National Institute of Health, sunlight and the absorption of vitamin D can improve cognitive function and decrease depression-like symptoms. Here at The Pavilion, we have pathways in the courtyard where you can accompany your loved one to get some fresh air and exercise while feeling safe next to your side. If you would like to make more of an outing, you can locate a local park and walk along a nature trail to see the fresh foliage that spring welcomes. Even though sunlight is very beneficial for you and your loved one, be mindful of the time you spend in the sun and apply sunscreen for protection against the harmful side effects of sunshine.

Plan a Meal

The springtime is a lovely time to plan a meal outdoors. The best way to surround yourself with fresh air during a meal is to propose a picnic. Prepare picnic classic foods that will be easy for you and the senior in your life to eat without all the comforts a dining room can offer. Choose a place for your picnic as well, whether at a local park or just in the backyard. Another fantastic option for planning a meal to enjoy the springtime is to find a reservation with an outdoor seating area. To be safe, we recommend making a reservation beforehand to guarantee an ideal table. Check out The Pavilion’s Spring Break To-Do List for more ideas!

Start an Activity

There are a plethora of outdoor activities besides walking and eating that you and your loved one can do together. If you are looking to burn some calories while enjoying the weather, go swimming, biking, or play a game of golf. The springtime is also an ideal time to plan a fishing trip with the loved one in your life. While a near-by lake is a lovely setting, this may not be the best place to cast off for everyone involved. If this is the case, find a pier that allows fishing and if needed, is also wheelchair accessible. Other great spring activities for you and the senior in your life could be to go bird watching, read together on the porch, blow bubbles, paint outdoors, or visit a local farmer’s market. 

Whether you stroll along a trail together, eat together, or do an outdoor activity, The Pavilion encourages you to get out there with your loved one today! Life is too short to just be sitting inside and watching TV. Everyone can use some fresh air and to see the beauty of spring. To help the senior in your life stay active and enjoy life during the spring season, volunteer today by filling out this form!