Using Respite Care as a Trial Stay at The Pavilion Senior Living

Posted on August 15, 2020

Respite care is a service and resource for both family caregivers and older adults seeking senior care options. However, only 15% of family caregivers utilize respite care services.

Respite care aids in the prevention of caregiver burnout, offering family caregivers a break from their daily caregiving responsibilities. Respite care services can also be used during emergency situations or as a temporary care option for an individual recovering from a surgery or hospital stay.

For older adults seeking care options for themselves, respite care services can be used as a trial stay for an assisted living community. These services allow individuals to become fully immersed in a community before making the commitment to move in.

At The Pavilion Senior Living, with communities in Tennessee and West Virginia, we want to help individuals take advantage of respite care services and explore all of its uses and benefits.

Meet Current Residents

A great way to get a realistic, unfiltered feel for an assisted living community is by meeting and visiting with those who currently live there. When you stay in a community, you can meet the current residents and find out how they feel about living in the community.

Additionally, using respite care before you move in allows you to make friends and build relationships. Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are common when moving into a new home. Utilizing respite care before a move will enable you to form relationships and friendships with other residents and team members, making your transition into the community more comfortable.

Participate in Activities and Events

Another important aspect of any senior living community is the activities and events that it offers. As a respite care guest, you are able to participate in and have access to the same activities and amenities that full-time residents experience.

This is a great way to see if the community you are considering moving into offers activities and events that align with your interests and desired lifestyle.

Experience the Dining Services

A recent Senior Housing News survey found that “more than 75% of the survey’s consumer respondents rated dining a 3 out of 5 or higher in terms of importance when considering moving into a senior living community.” For this reason, many senior living communities offer dining experiences that provide residents with options and freedom when it comes to the times and places of dining.

Beyond the experience, it is important to ask if the community offers specialized diet plans that meet your specific health needs and concerns, as well as satisfy your personal taste buds.

During your respite care stay, you can experience first-hand how the community’s dining services fit into your lifestyle and care plan. As your dining and nutritional needs and preferences change, it is important to know that your community will accommodate these changes.

Receive Daily Care

One of the main reasons an individual considers transitioning into an assisted living community is to receive care and assistance with the activities of daily living. During your respite care stay, take note of the care you receive and the team members you interact with.

  • Are you being provided with the personalized care that you need?
  • Do you feel like the staff is taking the time to learn goals, preferences, etc.?

If the care you receive suits your needs well, you have an excellent opportunity to form personal relationships with caregivers and other team members. This will give you comfort in knowing that there are individuals in the community who know your personalized needs before you even make the move.

Stay in the Living Quarters

If you have ever moved during your life, you know that the living space is crucial to how you feel about a home. When you use respite care as a trial stay for assisted living, you are able to stay in an apartment or other accommodations that are similar, if not the same, as what you would be moving into permanently. Make sure you feel comfortable and at home in your respite care accommodations.

The Pavilion’s “Guestpitality” Program

At The Pavilion Senior Living, we refer to our respite care services as our Guestpitality Program. This is a great way to experience what life is like at The Pavilion Senior Living. Our respite care services include:

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Delicious and Nutritious Meals
  • Private Rooms
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Engaging Activities
  • Access to the Community’s Amenities

We would love the chance to welcome you into one of our communities. Contact The Pavilion Senior Living for more information on our communities and the care we provide.

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