Fall Prevention: Improving Your Balance & Taking Control of Your Life

Posted on March 1, 2021

No matter how proactive you are with implementing fall prevention techniques, falls can still happen. The important thing to do after a fall occurs is to move on and continue living your life.

After a fall, it is normal to feel uneasy and anxious. If you are concerned about falling again, how do you get past this fear, rebuild your confidence, and prevent future falls?

At The Pavilion Senior Living, with senior living and skilled nursing communities throughout Tennessee and West Virginia, we understand that this may be a difficult obstacle to overcome. To help you move forward, we are sharing ways to improve your balance and regain your confidence after a fall.

Acknowledge Your Fear of Falling

The first step to moving past a previous fall and regaining your confidence is acknowledging your fear of falling again. It is normal to have increased anxiety when it comes to this subject, so let yourself experience these emotions. By doing so, you can confront your fear and establish a place to work from in order to rebuild your confidence.

Determine What Factors Caused the Fall

Effective fall prevention strategies involve modifying your living space to create a safe environment. If you overlook something even as simple as a burnt-out light bulb, this could lead to an unexpected fall. For you to regain your confidence after a fall, it is important to identify what caused the fall in the first place. This way, you can fix the problem and feel confident that your home is safer.

  • Were you wearing loose clothing or shoes? 
  • Did you trip over loose flooring or clutter? 
  • Did you have difficulty seeing your surroundings due to poor lighting? 

All of these questions are factors to consider and are essential aspects of fall prevention.

Engage in Balance Improving Exercises

If you know that you have strong balance, you will feel more confident moving around your home and less fearful of falling. Before you engage in these balance improving activities, however, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you.

Single Limb Stance

When you are just starting, use a stable chair or counter to help you balance. Grab onto the back of the chair or counter and raise one leg while you balance on the other. Hold for as long as you can, and then switch sides. As your balance improves, try to rely less on the chair or counter and hold the pose for up to one minute on each leg.

Toe Lifts

Again, you may want to use a stable chair or counter for this exercise. Stand facing your support with your arms holding on straight in front of you. Raise yourself on your toes as high as you can and slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Try to refrain from leaning forward over the chair or counter and repeat up to 20 times.

Marching in Place

While walking is a beneficial exercise, marching may be better for improving balance. To perform this exercise, stand in front of a counter or behind a stable chair. Raise one leg as high as you can or until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Lower your leg and repeat with the other leg. Continue marching in place as long as you can or until you have completed 20 repetitions with each leg.

Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Communities

Rehabilitation services at The Pavilion Senior Living are designed to help individuals recover after an injury or surgery as quickly and as safely as possible. Our team of compassionate caregivers is committed to helping you heal by creating a personalized treatment plan catered to your specific needs. As you progress through our rehabilitation program, your confidence will grow as you work to achieve your highest level of strength and wellness.

Learn more about these services by downloading our free eBook, “Understanding Post-Hospitalization and Skilled Nursing Care.”

Our rehabilitation services specialize in areas such as:

  • Care Due to Joint Replacements or Fractures 
  • Acute Medical Conditions
  • Medical Care Following a Hospital Stay
  • Stroke Recovery
  • General Rehabilitation Due to Weakness or Physical Decline

We want to help you regain your confidence and take back control of your life! To learn more about our communities or the services we offer, we invite you to contact a member of The Pavilion Senior Living team or visit our website.