How to Reclaim Your Confidence & Strength After a Fall

Posted on April 15, 2022

No matter how careful we are or how many precautions we take, a fall can still happen. What we do next, however, is what matters most. Recognizing and learning from the experience can help you prevent future falls and assist you in regaining your confidence and moving forward.

At The Pavilion Senior Living, our senior communities in Tennessee and West Virginia offer tools and support to help residents live safely and confidently. In addition, our post-hospitalization rehabilitation and specialized nursing services provide the resources and knowledge to help individuals regain their strength, balance, and, most importantly, confidence.

Recognize Your Fear of Falling

The first and arguably the most important step to regaining your confidence after a fall is to acknowledge your fear of falling again. It is normal to be nervous or hesitant about getting back into your active daily routine, so let yourself experience these emotions.

In fact, “Some people worry about falling, and the consequences of a fall, even if they’ve not yet fallen. Learning to cope with these feelings can help improve your confidence and quality of life (NHS Inform).”

It is common to hear the phrase “face your fears,” and working through your fear of falling is no different. If you recognize and confront this fear, you can establish a starting point to rebuild your confidence.

Understand What Caused Your Fall

Fall prevention and home safety are all about modifying your environment to make it as safe as possible, so focus on the aspects within your control. For example, something as simple as forgetting to change a burnt-out lightbulb or leaving a power cord exposed could lead to an unexpected fall.

To help you regain your confidence, identify what may have caused the fall in the first place and fix it. Common causes of falls include:

  • Wearing loose clothing that can get caught on furniture or other items
  • Unstable footwear, i.e., slippers or backless shoes
  • Loose flooring or rugs that create a tripping hazard
  • Poor lighting such as a burnt-out lightbulb
  • Medication side effects

Each of the above potential hazards has simple solutions that can aid in preventing future falls. Once you have identified what caused your fall and fixed the issue, you can feel more confident knowing that your home is safe.

Enhance Your Home for Fall Prevention

Figuring out and fixing the hazard that caused your fall is great, but going a step further and implementing home safety techniques can go a long way in helping you feel safe and regain your confidence. 

Start by removing or putting away any clutter in the house. This will make it easier to move around and navigate your space without worrying about bumping into something. Additionally, make sure that your home is adequately lit. Ensure all lightbulbs are working, and consider adding more lighting, such as a lamp or nightlight, in darker rooms and hallways.

Other fall prevention and home safety techniques include:

  • Installing handrails and grab bars, especially in bathrooms 
  • Ensure all carpet, rugs, and floorboards are secure
  • Arrange furniture so there is a designated walking path
  • Wear nonslip, supportive shoes

Get Moving

While falls cannot be 100% prevented, you can take precautions to promote ongoing safety. Maintaining your strength and practicing balance exercises can also help with fall prevention. However, you should always talk with your doctor before altering your fitness routine.

In addition to at-home exercises that improve balance and increase strength, our communities at The Pavilion Senior Living offer post-hospitalization rehabilitation and specialized nursing services that can help you achieve your goals.

Our senior communities specialize in:

  • Care due to joint replacements or fractures
  • Acute medical conditions
  • Medical care following a hospital stay
  • Stroke recovery
  • General rehabilitation due to weakness or physical decline
  • Wound care

Regaining your confidence after a fall is just as important as knowing how to prevent one. We want to help individuals heal and prevent them from letting their fear of falling keep them from living life. 

Our compassionate caregivers create a customized plan for your specific needs and goals, helping you recover and regain your confidence. To learn more about our communities and the services we offer, we encourage you to contact a member of The Pavilion Senior Living team.

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