Honoring Holiday Traditions in an Assisted Senior Living Community

Posted on December 1, 2020

This time of year is about coming together as a family and enjoying each other’s presence while honoring holiday traditions and celebrating the season. Holiday traditions strengthen bonds and allow family members to create memories together. Why should living in an assisted senior living community change that?

“Traditional celebrations of holidays [have] been around as long as recorded history. Holiday traditions are an important part to building a strong bond between family, and our community. They give us a sense of belonging and a way to express what is important to us (psychcentral.com).”

Whether this is their first holiday season in assisted senior living or not, you should celebrate together and make this time of year special for your loved one. The Pavilion Senior Living, with senior care communities in Tennessee and West Virginia, wants to help you honor your family’s holiday traditions and share ways to make the season memorable!

Create a Festive Atmosphere

One popular holiday tradition is decorating the home with holiday décor. If this is one of your family’s valued traditions, keep it going, even after your parent or loved one has transitioned into a senior community.

We know that this year has brought unique challenges, and visitation may still be limited where your family member resides. Fortunately, this year has also made us find new ways to see and connect with those we love. An easy and safe way to honor the tradition of decorating your home is to set up a video call using FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. While on the video call, you and your family member can listen to holiday music and decorate your spaces together.

Though you may not be in the same room, you’ll still be spending quality time together and keeping a holiday tradition alive.

If your parent or relative needs assistance with decorating, connect, and coordinate with the caregivers of their assisted senior living community. Communities like The Pavilion know how important it is to spend the holidays with family and friends and do what they can to help facilitate your traditions.

Holiday Safety Checklist CTA

Do You See What I See?

The holiday season is a magical time as the world around us transforms into a twinkly display of color. Your family’s tradition of seeing the holiday lights and outdoor displays is another holiday memory that is sure to get everyone in the spirit of the season.

If your family member is able to drive and/or you live close enough to one another, coordinate a caravan to see the holiday lights around your city or neighborhood. You can follow behind one another in separate vehicles and experience the beauty together.

Bake Holiday Sweets & Treats

For many of us, the holiday season revolves around food. The family gathers together and enjoys their traditional holiday meal – whatever that may be. If you are unable to celebrate together this year, you can still honor your holiday tradition through a virtual baking session.

Communicate with your loved one ahead of time to decide on which recipes you will be creating. Gather your ingredients and baking tools, reserve oven space, and set up your call. You and your family member can see one another, talk, and bake together. It may even feel like you are in the same room!

Create a Family Slideshow

Despite COVID, if your family is stretched across multiple houses and even states, it can be challenging to get everyone together to celebrate and honor the holiday traditions. A great way to overcome this is to relive and celebrate the holidays of years past.

Compile family photographs from past holiday gatherings and create a slideshow set to your family’s favorite holiday music. Send it to all the members of your family and enjoy reliving the moments that started your current holiday traditions!

The holiday season creates the perfect opportunities for families to bond and make new and lasting memories. Our team at The Pavilion Senior Livingunderstands this and wants to help our residents connect with their family members as easily as possible. Contact one of our senior living communities in Tennessee for more information on our services or to coordinate a holiday tradition with one of our residents at The Pavilion!

The Pavilion Senior Living would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

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