Over the years, many myths about senior living have accrued that paint an unflattering picture of how these communities operate. A majority of these myths stem from the media’s representation of what a senior care community is, as well as from negative experiences a friend or family member may have dealt with. As with any industry, some may have a less than ideal experience, but these situations typically do not represent the overall senior living industry.

With myths about senior living influencing some, it can be challenging to understand the reality of today’s senior care communities. The Pavilion Senior Living, with communities located in Lebanon and Carthage, Tennessee, wants to debunk some of these myths and give you a better understanding of what these communities can offer you or your loved one.

Myth #1: Senior Living Communities are Depressing

Perhaps one of the most consistent myths about senior living, many believe that communities are depressing with little to no activity offered to residents. It likely conjures up the image of multiple residents, in one room, sitting idly.

The truth regarding this myth is that it couldn’t be further from reality! Most senior living communities provide their residents with ample social, physical, and educational opportunities that promote a strong and social network.

Living independently at home is excellent, but, for some, it can open up the potential for social isolation. A recent study found that nearly half of the senior population experience or feel social isolation. Social isolation doesn’t only make us feel lonely, though; it can also have serious impacts on our health.

Today’s senior living communities, like The Pavilion Senior Living, promote social engagement and offer an experience that can keep your loved one connected.

Myth #2: Assisted Living Communities Lack Privacy

Many seniors are concerned about maintaining independence after moving into a senior living community.  During a survey, many seniors listed the loss of independence as their greatest concern with age. It’s understandable, independence and privacy are two basic human needs.

The reality of moving into an assisted living community, though, is that you do not lose either! The goal of any assisted living community is to provide a resident with assistance when they need or request it so that he or she can safely maintain their independence.

Myth #3: Living at Home is More Affordable

While living at home may seem like the cheaper option, homeownership can come with many obstacles. If the house is paid, it can be easy to justify continuing to live there. However, when you add the maintenance responsibilities, cost, and efforts associated with homeownership, the financial water can become muddy. Upkeep, yard work, and upgrades/renovations are a few of the hidden costs that can throw a wrench in retirement plans.

Once you factor in the conveniences and what’s included in the typical monthly housing fee at a senior community, you may find that the numbers don’t add up in favor of homeowners. At The Pavilion Senior Living, our monthly housing fees cover transportation services, safety and security systems, utilities, and access to the amenities of our community. Not only is a senior living community potentially cheaper and less stressful than a home, but it comes with a variety of added benefits and conveniences!

Myth #4: Senior Living Communities Don’t Allow Growth

A major fear for many is the thought of becoming stagnant, with no new experiences or meaningful engagement to promote growth. Though the concern is valid, the reality of senior living communities is that they truly offer seniors the opportunity to thrive. Residents are encouraged to learn new hobbies, meet new people with similar interests, and experience new beginnings as they become an integral part of the community.

The Pavilion Senior Living offers a variety of opportunities in our communities that allow residents to grow and experience meaningful and lasting moments. Our communities have on-site therapies, social wellness programs, programs that focus on overall health and well-being, and a calendar full of engaging activities.

Although these are just some of the myths associated with senior living, we hope we were able to shine a much-needed light on the many benefits these communities offer to older adults.

If you are considering a senior living community for your parent or loved one, we encourage you to schedule a Red Carpet Tour at one of our communities in Lebanon or Carthage, Tennessee, to experience senior living for yourself!


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