The month of October is Physical Therapy Month, so it is only fitting that we address its benefits and how our rehabilitation services improve the lives of those we serve.

First and foremost, what is physical therapy? According to Web MD, “physical therapy is care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better.” This non-invasive approach helps individuals develop, maintain, and restore maximum body movement and function that can improve a person’s overall health and wellness.

The Pavilion Senior Living provides rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and other senior living services in communities throughout Tennessee and West Virginia. We want to highlight how our services help individuals recover and maintain their highest level of well-being.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Managing Chronic Pain

41% of patients looking for a drug-free pain relief option found physical therapy to be the most effective alternative treatment.” 

While prescription medications have their place, it is important to be mindful of how they interact with one another and the side effects that can occur. As we age, it is common to take more medications, making an alternative treatment option for chronic pain management more desirable.

Through the therapeutic techniques and exercises involved with physical therapy, it can help reduce discomfort as well as preserve an individual’s strength and use of their joints. 

Avoiding Injury and Preventing Falls

Physical therapy is all about stability, balance, flexibility, and strength exercises. Unfortunately, a natural part of the aging process is the loss of muscle mass and flexibility. By engaging in physical therapy exercises, individuals can counteract these effects and regain or maintain their strength.

By working to maintain their stability and strength, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of falls and injuries.

Maintaining or Regaining Independence

Independence is something that we grow up longing for, and once we have it, we do not want to give it up. Having trouble with mobility and completing the activities of daily living as we age can lessen our independence, but physical therapy can help.

Physical therapy encourages individuals to stay active and mobile. The more active a person is, the better their overall health and wellness. Focusing on all the factors that contribute to mobility, these physical therapy exercises enable individuals to either maintain or regain their independence.

To learn more about the benefits of physical therapy, we encourage you to read our blog, “How You or a Loved One Can Benefit From Post-Hospitalization Rehabilitation.”

Physical Therapy & Rehab at The Pavilion 

The Pavilion Senior Living’s long-term skilled nursing communities in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Jane Lew, West Virginia, also offer rehabilitation services. Short-term rehabilitation and recovery are the primary goals of many individuals following a surgery or injury, and our team wants to aid in the goal of returning you or your loved one home.

Our team members are committed to getting our residents back home as quickly and as safely as possible. Whether you are improving general mobility, recovering from an injury, or healing from a stroke or surgery, our compassionate team will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for you to achieve your highest level of wellness.

We specialize in:

  • Care due to joint replacements or fractures,
  • Acute medical conditions,
  • Medical care following a hospital stay,
  • Respiratory care,
  • Stroke recovery,
  • General rehabilitation due to weakness or physical decline,
  • And wound care.

Beyond making your recovery process faster, our therapy and rehabilitation services are designed with your abilities, restrictions, and personal goals in mind. Providing exceptional care and peace of mind for our residents, guests, and their families is at the center of our mission at The Pavilion Senior Living.

Physical therapy is not just for individuals who have had a recent injury or surgery. In fact, it can also be a preventative therapy and a more non-invasive way to treat chronic conditions. Our highly trained team members will work with you or your loved one to create a customized plan that focuses on improving your specific situation and achieving your goals.

To learn more about our senior living and skilled nursing communities in Tennessee and West Virginia, please reach out to a member of The Pavilion Senior Living team or visit our website.

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