Assisted Living Reinvented: How Caregiving Has Evolved

Posted on October 1, 2020

If you looked back 40 years ago, senior living was not what it is today. In fact, assisted senior living was not even an option for senior care. It was not until the 1980s that Dr. Keren Brown Wilson established the idea of “assisted living” facilities. In the years that followed, assisted living facilities spread throughout the country and became more widely available. Even so, the idea of an assisted living community has dramatically changed in recent years.

Today, there are approximately 28,900 assisted living communities in the United States. The Pavilion Senior Living, offering assisted living in Carthage and Lebanon, Tennessee, has taken what assisted senior living should be and continues to improve our communities, care, and services to meet the needs of aging adults and their families.

Creating Assisted Senior Living

When assisted senior living facilities were first made available, the general purpose was to provide a care option for individuals who needed assistance or aid in areas of their day-to-day life, but were, generally, independent. Before the idea of assisted living, older adults either had to hire a medical professional or rely on a family caregiver to provide assistance at home or enter a nursing home.

“Dr. Wilson examined all the ways nursing homes were viewed as negative or institutional places, like the communal bathrooms and lack of privacy. She wanted to create a way for seniors to remain independent and respected while also being able to receive the level of care they required (American Senior Communities).”

“Park Place in Portland, Oregon, opened in 1981 and is considered the first modern assisted living facility as we know them today. It offered residents private rooms with doors that locked, 24-hour staffing for medical emergencies, as well as community areas for social interaction (American Senior Communities).”

The Evolution of Assisted Living Communities

The start of assisted living communities was a significant first step toward reinventing what senior living means, but the idea continues to evolve. Assisted senior living today is community-based and strays away from a “one size fits all” mindset. Care plans and services are provided to assist individuals with the activities of daily living but allow and encourage residents to be independent, active, and lead purposeful lives.

Today’s assisted living communities offer life enrichment opportunities and activities that provide stimulation along with compassionate, individualized care. Cultivating a warm and homey atmosphere, residents in these communities enjoy the best of both worlds – independence and privacy with the safety and security of around the clock care.

Assisted Living in Carthage & Lebanon, Tennessee

The Pavilion Senior Living’s mission is to provide high-quality services to seniors and families. We are committed to improving the quality of life for those we serve and are focused on providing care tailored to meet the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individuals within our communities. Our goal is to be the most trusted provider of senior care services.

At The Pavilion Senior Living, we work with individuals and their families to develop a personalized care plan that promotes overall health and wellness. In our communities, we encourage individuals to participate in activities designed to build companionship, friendship, and provide stimulation.

By taking care of meals, housekeeping, and laundry services, we remove much of the responsibility and maintenance that comes with living alone in a private residence. Our team members believe in handling the everyday, so that residents can enjoy every day.

Assisted living services offered at The Pavilion Senior Living include:

  • Assistance with the activities of daily living,
  • Three delicious meals per day,
  • Housekeeping services,
  • Safety and security systems,
  • And activities designed to promote overall wellness.

AL vs Nursing Homes-CTA

Nowadays, there are many assisted senior living options available to individuals and families. While this industry has come a long way since the idea was first introduced, there are still differences among assisted living communities. The values that The Pavilion Senior Living holds also serve as our promise.

  • Trust – We promise to earn your trust by caring for our residents, families, and team members.
  • Respect – We promise to treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Compassion – We promise to provide compassion and understanding as our residents are faced with the daily challenges of aging.
  • Personalized Care – We promise to care for our residents at the individual, personalized level they deserve.
  • Integrity – We promise to do the right thing for our residents, their families, and our team members.

We are senior living you can trust. Contact The Pavilion Senior Living for more information about our assisted living services in Carthage and Lebanon, Tennessee!