Enhance Your Lifestyle in a Senior Apartment Community

Posted on February 1, 2022

When you think of your retirement lifestyle, what do you picture? Perhaps you want to enjoy restaurant-style meals with your friends or relax while someone else mows the grass. Maybe you want to join a book club or pursue new interests while someone else does the vacuuming. This could be your reality, but it’s all about where you live!

Like those offered at The Pavilion Senior Living in Tennessee, senior apartments allow individuals to make the retirement lifestyle they have been working toward and dreaming of a reality. To help you understand how this is possible, our team is sharing the benefits of choosing to live in a senior apartment at a senior living community.

Advantages of a Senior Apartment Community

No Home Maintenance

When you live in a private residence, you are responsible for every home maintenance task, upkeep, and repair – either on your own or hiring someone to do them for you. Fortunately, this is not the case when you live in a senior apartment at a senior living community.

One of the most significant advantages of moving to a senior living community is that you don’t have to worry about home maintenance. This means you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for a new refrigerator if yours breaks, nor do you have to shop for a new one and hire someone to deliver it. 

Home maintenance tasks like lawn maintenance, repairs, etc,. are taken care of by the community’s team, and [most are] included in your rate. Instead of doing chores, residents can spend their newly found free time pursuing interests, hobbies, travels, and more. 

Nutritious & Delicious Dining Options

Another benefit of living in a senior living community is that if you don’t feel like cooking, you don’t have to! But, you can skip the cooking without skipping the nutrition. 

We know that when you don’t want to cook, it can be easy to opt for convenience over nutrition. Fortunately, the dining options that The Pavilion offers at our senior living communities in Tennessee combine convenience and nutrition. 

By living in one of our communities, you benefit from access to restaurant-style, chef-prepared meals that are delicious and nutritious. We invite you to learn more about our dining experience by reading our blog, “Nutritional Senior Dining Services Offered at The Pavilion.”

Community Amenities

Part of living your dream lifestyle is finding conveniences that make your life easier and more enjoyable. Fortunately, senior living communities tend to offer a lot of amenities, features, and perks. From exercise and wellness programs to life enrichment and engagement activities, there are endless opportunities for socialization, connection, and convenience.

At The Pavilion, we offer the resources and benefits residents need to live enhanced lifestyles. The amenities we provide at The Pavilion Senior Living include:

  • 24/7 dedicated and trained team members
  • Large courtyards
  • Beautician and barber services
  • Transportation services
  • Chef-led culinary services 
  • Recreational and social events
  • Medication management services
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Emergency response system
  • Maintenance services
  • Spacious apartment floor plans
  • Complimentary utilities

Cost-Effective Living

A common misconception about senior living communities is that they are too expensive. However, in some cases, when compared to living in a private residence, these senior apartments can be more cost-effective. 

The cost of electricity, water, internet, cable, rent/mortgage, groceries, and other monthly expenses add up quickly and can fluctuate each month based on your usage. Senior living communities include these costs, care, and more in their rate, making it easier for you to plan your financial future and potentially save you money.

Discover Life at The Pavilion Senior Living

Our senior living and care services provide a comfortable, convenient, and maintenance-free lifestyle for those ready to enhance their retirement years. The Pavilion Senior Living enables individuals to trade in the chores that come along with living in a private residence for a well-deserved, supportive lifestyle they can enjoy. Our senior apartments offer connection and security features to promote safety and peace of mind. Plus, if you ever do need a little extra care, our friendly team members are always available to help.

Where you choose to live matters. Get started on building your desired lifestyle by contacting a member of The Pavilion Senior Living team to learn more about our senior apartment floor plans and lifestyle options!